JAI participates at the World Social Forum Free Palestine WSF-FP

Category: Participation in International Events Created: 05 December 2012

JAI Manager participated in the World Social Forum - Free Palestine (WSFFP) promote the JAI campaigns and to network with the Palestinian communities in Diaspora and international organizations concerned.

He participated in two workshops about the Olive Tree Campaign as a tool for solidarity and a tool for alternative Tourism and about the Palestinian Kairos Document as an advocacy tool in addition to participating in a panel about the challenges of the South to South solidarity building.

WSF2012 1

The JAI manager also had the chance to meet some members of the Palestinian communities in Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, France, Colombia and Al Salvador and talked about activating the Palestinian Communities in these countries to support the Palestinian advocacy initiatives including the OTC.

Some JAI promotional and information were distributed among the participants in the Main Venue of the Forum. The WSFFR was a good opportunity to communicate the JAI work with more interested people and also to share input on building strategies of solidarity and support to the Palestinian people.

WSF2012 2