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Ina'am Abu Latifa - Jaba'a Village - Bethlehem

Category: Campaign Farmers' Stories
Created: 20 July 2018

inaam wsIna'am Abu Latifa is a 44 years old kindergarten teacher and farmer. Together with 9 family members she lives in Jab'a village west of Bethlehem, where the family owns 3 dunums of land (1 dunum = 1000 m2). 

Their land is threatened by confiscation due to the nearby construction of a military checkpoint and a bypass road for settlers.
Ina’am’s struggle with the settlers began in 2005, when they uprooted her olive trees. She did not give up and replanted them in 2008. However, the settlers also uprooted the new trees.

In February 2017, the JAI's Olive Tree Campaign supported Ina'am with 80 olive trees to help her and her family save their land and to keep their Hope Alive.


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