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Farmer Story - Laila Ghazal - Kisan village - Bethlehem

Category: Campaign Farmers' Stories
Created: 16 January 2019

laila ghazalLaila Gazal is a 42 years old farmer and housewife, with 12 family members. Laila owns 4 dunums (1 dunum = 1,000 m2) of land at Um Zatouna area in Kisan village, south-east of the Bethlehem area.

In 2013, Israeli settlers uprooted tens of olive trees from her land, destroyed a shelter, and blocked water access to her land.

Meanwhile, an Israel colony (settlement) called 'Maali Amus' was constructed 0.5 km close to her land, and keeps expanding on a frequent basis. This keeps her land under a high threat of confiscation.

In February 2018, the Olive Tree Campaign supported Laila and her family with 50 sponsored olive trees to help her and her family protect their land and Keep their Hope Alive.


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