Olive planting program

The JAI-ATG Olive Planting Program, part of the JAI Olive Tree Campaign, lasts for 10 days in February each year, where people of any age and background from all over the world can join.

Participants are given the opportunity to listen to Palestinian farmers’ stories of how their properties are threatened by settlers, the Apartheid Wall, bypass roads or Israeli settlement expansions.

They plant a selection of the trees sponsored that season, usually 4 fields with approximately 400 olive trees in each.

In addition to planting, the participants get a chance to visit the Palestinian towns of Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Hebron and Ramallah. They also meet with Palestinian organizations that provide information on conflict-related issues.

JAI plants olive trees in a threatened field as a Palestinian Land Day activity

Category: Olive planting program
Created: 30 March 2013

29th, March 2013

29March2013 1

A day before the Palestinian Land Day – 30 March, the JAI, together with other organizations, have co-organized and run an olive tree planting event on a threatened field in Al-Khader village, south-west of Bethlehem.

The JAI provided 150 olive trees, sponsored by internationals through the Olive Tree Campaign, where more than 100 local and international staff and volunteers from refugee camps, villages and town of Bethlehem and Hebron have joined the event to plant the trees, together with the farmers and land owners' families.

The trees' planting aimed at maintaining the Palestinian farmers' land that is under high threat of confiscation, where land and olive trees are the most attacked by the Israeli occupation measures and apartheid system' procedures.

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