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PCAP Condemns Israel's Latest Apartheid Jewish Nation State Law

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Created: 27 July 2018

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Israel has always defined itself as the State of the Jewish People, and its recent adoption of the Jewish Nation State Law is simply a declaration to the world of its historic commitment, ideologically and programmatically, to Jewish supremacy. Many critics of Israel's 51-year-old occupation of Palestinian East Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza, and the Syrian Golan Heights have referred to Israel's occupation of these territories as a system of apartheid. However, some among these critics, such as President Jimmy Carter, rejected the use of the same term to describe Israel's relationship to the roughly 20 percent Palestinian Arab minorities who hold Israeli citizenship within Israel's 1948/49 border. After the passage of the new Israeli law, such critics ought to open their eyes to the historical reality of Israel since its establishment in 1948, and recognize the deep racism that underlies its state and society.

The expropriation of Palestinian land and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in the early years of Israel's existence were traumatic. Israel's Absentees' Property Law (1950) and Land Acquisition Law (1953), among others, resulted in the pauperization and ghettoization of Palestinian citizens of Israel. More than 60 laws directly and indirectly ensured that they remain far behind Israeli Jews in every aspect of their existence including their access to the legal system, citizenship privileges, income and employment, distribution of resources and social welfare, accessibility to land, educational resources, availability of health resources, and political participation. The Israeli occupation in 1967 of East Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza, and the Golan Heights, and the extreme form of apartheid practiced there are an extension of the settler-colonial praxis that created Israel.

What is new is that Israel now feels emboldened by the ascendancy of right-wing racism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia in the United States in particular, and western societies in general. It no longer feels that it has to conceal its own racism. The recent love fest of right-wing extremists in the annual conference of Christians United for Israel in Washington, DC is emblematic of the convergence of Zionism with anti-democratic forces in the West. Thankfully, others in the West are speaking out more forcefully against racism and discrimination in all its forms. And the movement of solidarity with the Palestinians is growing worldwide, including in the United States and Europe.

We call on all people of conscience to condemn Israeli apartheid unapologetically and to heed the call for boycott, divestment, and sanctions in solidarity with the Palestinian non-violent struggle for justice, peace, and freedom. In particular, as a faith-based group, we call on other people of faith, including our evangelical brothers and sisters, to challenge Israel's intensifying apartheid. For Christian groups to remain silent about the implications of Israel's Jewish Nation State Law and all other Israeli human rights violations stands in contradiction to the Biblical mandate to do justice and to stand with the oppressed.


Stop the Massacre! Freedom and Justice for the Palestinian People!

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Created: 16 May 2018

wscfAn Appeal from World Student Christian Federation and the Palestine Youth Ecumenical Movement

Since March 30th, the people of Gaza have been exercising their right to protest by marching for the right to return to their homes. The homes from which they were forcefully expelled to make room for the state of Israel. These land grabs were used to create Israeli settlements as a result of population transfers which under article 7 of the Rome statute constitutes as 'crimes against humanity', resulting in an ethnic cleanse of Palestinians from the land. In 1948 the UN passed resolution 194 agreeing that refugees should have the right to return to their villages, a resolution which Israel continues to ignore.

Since the beginning of the Great Return March, Israeli forces have killed at least 111 Palestinians and wounded about 12,000 people. The worst of these days took place the same day that the US Embassy was moved from Tel Aviv, the recognized capital of Israel, to Jerusalem, as the US recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. On this day, Monday 14th of May, 62 Palestinians were killed with around 2,700 injured.

The US announced their complete support and alliance to Israel and spoke of the importance of human rights to both the US and Israel. They spoke about this as less than 80 kilometers away, 62 unarmed civilians were being killed. These events took place the day before Nakba Day. Nakba is the Arabic word for catastrophe and this day marks the 70th anniversary of the expulsion of over 750,000 Palestinians from their homes. Israel celebrates this as their Independence Day.

  • We condemn the Israeli systematic targeting of the Palestinian civilians and violating the international Humanitarian Law which mounts up to a crime against humanity and equally denounce the complicity of the US Administration in these violations and the way the UN is made unable to work for justice and peace in the region because of the American hegemony and veto.

  • We ask you to stand in solidarity with the Palestine Youth Ecumenical Movement and with Palestinian people to condemn the State of Israel for their crimes against humanity, their illegal land grabs and population transfers. We hope that the international community will not simply say "this is bad" and later turn away to ignore the injustices and violation of rights of the our people. We ask you to stand in solidarity with us and to fight for our human rights and the right of people to live in full dignity.

  • We ask you to protest these Israeli crimes and set up, join demonstrations to show your support and solidarity to the people of Palestine in their pursuit for justice and freedom. Write to your government and ask them lodge a diplomatic protest to Israeli’s actions to the UN and make the Israeli Ambassador assigned in your country accountable to show that your country does not condone human rights violations.

Palestine Youth Ecumenical Movement (PYEM)
Georgine Kengne Djuetane (sgd)
Chairperson, World Student Christian Federation (WSCF)

16 May 2018


Ongoing Nakba at 70

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Created: 14 May 2018

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Women sit next to the ruins of their dwellings, which were demolished by Israeli bulldozers, in the tiny village of Umm Al-Hiran, in January 2017. Credit: Ammar Awad/Reuters

The residents of the Bedouin village of Umm al-Hiram, who are Palestinian citizens of Israel, lost their battle with Israel to receive recognition for their village so they could receive water and electricity and have paved road. Not only did they lose this battle but they were coersed into signing an agreement with the State to evacuate to a nearby town. This will be their second Nakba because the Jahahlin were evicted already from the Naquab (Negev) in 1951. Their village, just a few kilometers from Jerusalem, and across route 60 from the ever expanding settlement of Male Addum,im and Kfar Addumim, will be demolished and a new town for religious Jews, called Hiran, will be built in its place. Their fate hangs in the balance now with the Supreme Court who will most likely condone the demolishment of the school made of tires and mud and the evacuation of the village. There is no hope for a judicial outcome that will allow the Bedouins to stay just a prolonged delay. This is one example of what Palestinians mean when they say the Nakba never ended or that it is ongoing.

In the Occupied Territories of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, Palestinians feel the Nakba every day when they cross a checkpoint or watch a new settlement being built on their confiscated land. Farmers of the Olive Tree Campaign live the Nakba every time their fields are destroyed or their trees uprooted by illegal settlers or they are unable to get to their fields because of new bypass roads for the ever expanding network of new colonies.

As Arab Kinneset leader Ayman Odeh said in a recent Op-Ed piece, "When the Israeli state annexes the West Bank without providing equal rights to the Palestinian residents it won't be a new Nakba. It will be a continuation of the one that has never fully ended."

At age 70, Israel has to do more than acknowledge the Nakba. They must end it. To end it means to fully accept Palestinians as human beings with equal rights protected by humanitarian and international law.

JAI asks it partners and friends to support Palestinians in demanding their right to self determination and their right to return to their homes or to receive restitution or compensation for their losses. The International community must recognize and hold Israel accountable for over 8.26 million of 12.7 million Palestinians being forcibly displaced from their homes. We ask you to put political, social, and economic pressure on Israel to end not only the 51 year old occupation but the ongoing settler colonial regime that is creating a Jewish State at the cost of Palestinians loss of dignity, freedom, and justice. Commemorate this year's 70th Nakba by making a commitment to end it.



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