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Ongoing Palestinian Nakba - Catastrophe - 15 May

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Created: 12 May 2020

On May 15th, the Palestinians commemorate the 72 years of Nakba (catastrophe), the ethnic cleansing and forcible displacement of the majority of the indigenous Palestinian population by the Zionist militias. The Nakba is still ongoing, with the complicity of some countries and silence and indifference of many others.


On this day, we also remember the millions of migrants, refugees and homeless people around the world who have been also displaced due to war, militarism, racism, ethnic cleansing and terrorism.

As we reaffirm the UN General Assembly Resolution 194 regarding the right of return and compensation for the Palestinian refugees, we call on our partners, friends, human rights' activists worldwide, ecumenical and civil society groups to:

  • Spread the story of Al-Nakba and the issue of the ongoing displacement of Palestinian and their right of return;

  • Organize or join online platforms, campaigns, or issue calls/statements/petitions to commemorate the Palestinian Nakba;

  • Lobby policy makers to put pressure on Israel to stop its colonization of the Palestinian land, and settlements activities as the main reasons behind the ongoing Nakba; especially that Israel has already decided to annex big parts of the occupied Palestinian territory in July this year.

  • Support and promote the Keep Hope Alive - Olive Tree Campaign to help farmers protect and stay in their lands, hence limit further displacements.

Your solidarity and actions are so much needed


Easter in the time of COVID- 19

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Created: 07 April 2020

easter2020The way we celebrate Easter this year is quite different. Corona virus caused many changes in our Lives everywhere in the Globe. People are no more able to go to churches during the Holy Week and not even allowed to meet to share greetings as usual.

In Palestine, where Christianity was originated, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and all the other churches will be closed as a health preventive measure. The Whole world is in Lock-down to overcome this pandemic and many nations show solidarity and empathy with the affected and poor ones. But there is still evil, injustices and oppression in many parts of the world. Many people lost their jobs and are turning poor and many cannot afford buying their basic food and health supplies. Many countries are not able to meet the health needs of their peoples.

In the Occupied Palestine, the Israeli authorities and settlers are using the situation of lock-down as an opportunity to attack Palestinian land and properties in a noticeable way.

Easter is about resurrection and salvation. It is about triumph over death, diseases, oppression and injustices. It is about love and empathy. As we celebrate Easter, let’s remember, pray for and show solidarity and act with love for:

  • the ones who lost their lives because of COVID-19;
  • the poor people who can’t earn living and can’t meet the basic needs of their families;
  • the infected persons who are in quarantine or on ventilators;
  • the ones who are in fear and develop stress and who lost hope;
  • the oppressed people who in under more violations of their rights;
  • the poor nations and the oppressed people around the world;
  • the people of Palestine who fights for freedom and just peace.

May the Risen Lord fill your heart with faith, hope and Love in these days and inspires you to see life in its fullness.

Happy and Healthy Easter


400 Olive Tree Campaign trees, sponsored and planted by internationals, uprooted by Israeli soldiers in Bethlehem

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Created: 09 March 2020

Bethlehem, 9 March 2020.

More than 20 armed, Israeli soldiers invaded the land of Mohammad Mustafa Al-Hroub and uprooted more than 400 olive trees.

9march2020 1

Al-Hroub is a Palestinian farmer from the village of Wad Fukin, which is located southwest of Bethlehem. 

Al Hroub's land is located at the edge of the 1948 Armistice Line, and where the Israeli colony (settlement) of 'Tzue Hadasa' was constructed from another side of it. It is about 40 dunums (1 dunum = 1000 m2). He approached the JAI early this year, seeking support to plant an empty plot of land, with internationally-sponsored olive trees, to maintain it. The JAI supported Mohammad Al-Hroub with 400 olive trees, and also had two international groups help him and his family plant the trees.

The first planting day was through the Olive Planting Program in mid-February, and the second planting day was by Nord-Norge folkehøgskole students at the end of February. Each group planted 200 olive trees.

Mohamad witnessed the uprooting and the destruction of his olive trees, and he was trying so hard to stop the attack by showing the soldiers the official ownership papers of the land. The soldiers did not stop uprooting the trees, and when they finished, they confiscated all the trees and declared the land as a 'State Land'.

9march2020 2


Palestinian Land Day - Call for Actions

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Created: 29 March 2020

LandDay March2020In 1976, and in response to the Israeli government's plan to expropriate thousands of acres of Palestinian Land in Israel for state purposes, a general strike and marches were organized in Palestinian towns from the Galilee to the Negev. In the ensuing confrontations with the Israeli army and police, six unarmed Arab citizens were killed, about one hundred were wounded, and hundreds were arrested.

In March 30th every year, the Palestinian People commemorate this land day while the Israeli target to Palestinian land has never stopped, including confiscations, building colonies, the apartheid wall, bypass roads for the use of Israeli settlers, and for what is so called security reasons. Lately, and even under this Corona-virus pandemic, Israeli colonial army and settlers used this as an opportunity to continue their measure against the Palestinian Land. They got the advantage of the lock-down in Palestine and farmers being away from their fields to uproot thousands of trees, and seize more land, mainly in the areas of Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Nablus and Ramallah.

The Israeli PM Netanyahu and his counterpart Gantz have clearly declared a plan to annex the Jordan valley and the settlement blocks as part of their election Campaigns and this in what the situation on the ground is now. Huge plan of building colonies (settlement) units in zone E1 between east Jerusalem and 'Maale Adumim' colony (E1 plan), is ongoing. This will disconnect the Palestinian territory south from the north. The process of annexation and building illegal colonies is on its way to be a reality soon, in the absence of a real deterrence from the world community.

As we commemorate the Palestinian Land Day the 30th of March, with deep commitment to resist oppression and free our land to live in just peace, we call on our partners, friends, and justice and freedom activists worldwide, to:

  • Promote the Palestinian right to self-determination on its land recognized under the international Law.

  • Write to your MPs on the need to defend the rights of the Palestinian People as based on the international resolutions.

  • Adopt and promote (in the way people see fit to your context) the Palestinian civil society's call for Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions (BDS) against Israeli, until it complies with international law.

  • Support (promote and sponsor) the Keep Hope Alive – Olive Tree Campaign, to help Palestinian farmers maintain their land and trees and keep their hope alive.

  • Spread the word on Palestinian rights among your partners, friends, colleagues, congregation members, movements, networks, groups and in the media …etc.

P.S. We kindly ask you to report your relevant activities to us, using our online simple form.

We Thank You for Keeping Hope Alive in Palestine and contribution to Peace with Justice


It is not a Peace Plan, but a Recipe for Violence and Apartheid

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Created: 01 February 2020

trump dealSince the establishment of the 'State of Israel', following the Palestinian catastrophe, Al Nakba, the successive American administrations have not only been consistently supporting Israel, both politically and financially, but have recently noticeably increased their financial contribution and pushed global partners to do the same.

The Trump administration was just courageous enough to openly declare the American official position related to their support of Israeli Occupation and the colonization of Palestine. The so-called 'Deal of the Century' started practically years ago with the Trump declaration of Jerusalem as the 'Undivided Capital of Israel', then the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, the decisions on the Palestinian Refugees and UNRWA and Mr. Pompeo's declaration that the Israeli colonies (settlements) are not in breach of international law.

The 'Deal of the Century', called 'Peace to Prosperity Plan' is in breach of international law and a violation of human rights. It is a one-sided plan that legitimizes illegal theft of land and continued colonization of the Occupied Palestinian Territories with the full control of borders and people. The Plan ignores and undermines all the Palestinian national rights including the right to self-determination and promotes the growing system of Apartheid in Palestine/Israel. The United Nations has itself rejected the plan for not being based on or in compliance with the relevant UN resolutions on Palestine.

Palestinians of different groups, organizations and everywhere in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, inside Israel, and in Diaspora have fully rejected this plan, which bluntly and openly "undressed" the Palestinians from their basic rights as articulated in the UN resolutions pertaining to Palestine, including resolutions 181, 242, and 338.

The Joint Advocacy Initiative of the YWCA of Palestine and the East Jerusalem YMCA is concerned that the implementation of this plan will lead to further conflict, marginalization, discrimination against Palestinians and will support Israel to impose yet more mobility restrictions and closures leading to greater impoverishment of the whole territory. We are afraid that as the British MP Emily Thornberry has very well stated yesterday, "what this plan guarantees is that the next generation of Israeli and Palestinian children like so many generations before them will grow up to know nothing but fear, violence and division". Is that the peace the international community wants, and is that the responsibility that the world has for the generations to come? We speak about UNSCR2250 on Youth, Peace and Security and the right of youth for just peace and engagement in sustainable development. Such a plan undermines any true chance of achieving just peace and building a brighter future for young people and the generations to come. Additionally, and as youth and women organizations, we affirm our opposition to any deal that is not based on international law and that is not negotiated and agreed upon with the Palestinians and that does not guarantee sustainable peace for all the peoples of the region..

JAI calls on our partners and friends worldwide to:

  • Promote awareness around the dangers of this Plan and the extent to which it is in breach of international Law.

  • Urge your governments and parliaments to recognize the Palestinian State on the borders of 1967, as recognized by the United Nations General Assembly, in response to the American administration's violation of international law.

  • Organize demos and candle vigils in front of the American embassies and consulates in your respective countries to condemn this American plan.

  • Organize and/or participate in practical campaigns and actions with your churches, movements, councils, countries and any networks to force Israel to comply with international law and end its occupation and colonization of Palestine.

  • Join and promote the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction Campaign (BDS) as a peaceful tool for bringing about peace with justice.

Your commitments need to translate into actions that bring an end to the oppression of the Palestinian people.


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