Ongoing Palestinian Nakba - Catastrophe - 15 May

Category: Calls & Statements Created: 12 May 2020

On May 15th, the Palestinians commemorate the 72 years of Nakba (catastrophe), the ethnic cleansing and forcible displacement of the majority of the indigenous Palestinian population by the Zionist militias. The Nakba is still ongoing, with the complicity of some countries and silence and indifference of many others.


On this day, we also remember the millions of migrants, refugees and homeless people around the world who have been also displaced due to war, militarism, racism, ethnic cleansing and terrorism.

As we reaffirm the UN General Assembly Resolution 194 regarding the right of return and compensation for the Palestinian refugees, we call on our partners, friends, human rights' activists worldwide, ecumenical and civil society groups to:

Your solidarity and actions are so much needed