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Olive Trees in Palestine booklet

Category: JAI Publications
Created: 22 February 2016

otc booklet2015A news booklet of 32 pages was released by the JAI on Olive Trees in Palestine. The booklets tries to tackle most subjects related to the olive tree, including:

  • Its cultural, political, religious, and economic significance and importance.
  • Propagation, nursing, and grafting of olive saplings.
  • Preparation of the land, planting and caring processes.
  • Common diseases of olive trees and how to avoid or treat them.
  • Olive harvesting
  • Israeli attacks and measures against on olive trees, land and farmers in Palestine.
  • Types of olive trees in Palestine with origin, fruit shape, usage and production.
  • Types of olive oil, specifications and usage.
  • Benefits and usage of olive oil, leafs and wood.

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