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8 weeks later - Reflection from NNE GT students post visit - 2015

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Created: 21 May 2015

nne2015 refDear friends in Palestine,

We are here in Denmark still trying to process all the things we learned and heard about duringour visit to Palestine.

All of us have told our families, neighbours and friends about our experiences. We are trying to spread the message of the condition in Palestine due to the occupation. Right now we are making a lecture, which all of the Global teenagers can use, when they are going to hold lectures for people interested in the subject. The lecture isn't only about the conflict; it is also about the ordinary life in Palestine, the culture and the population.

A couple of weeks ago we invited our families and friends to the school to listen to our stories and facts about Palestine. We sold home-made cookies to raise money for "Keep Hope Alive". It was just one initiative out of many to raise funds. After our return from Palestine, we threw a bike-race fundraiser. The students got a good work-out, while collecting sponsor money. It was a great initiative and we raised a lot of money for "Keep Hope Alive".

Two weeks ago we went to a festival,where we were together with global teenagers from other schools, among them also the other schools, whom also visited you. We talked about our trips and how to tell others about it in the best way.

We are still updated and concerned about the conflict, and try to follow any development as much as possible.

Meeting the youth in Palestine was surprising. Your way of living was not far from ours. Yougo to school, some dosports in their spare time and you spent a lot of time with friends and families. But at the same time,your living conditions are very different from ours, due to the thewall surrounding BeitSahour, the check-points and the lack of free movement. And this was also the biggest difference between us and you, your worries are so much bigger than ours. This has made a great impact in us!

We hope the future will be better. We hope for peace and justice in Palestine.

We hope to see you again.

All the best
The global teenagers from NørreNissumEfterskole.


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