Picking participant reflection - Beverley Momenabadi - UK

Category: JAI Programs Ex-Participants Created: 26 September 2017

ref bev2016"My time spent on the Olive Picking Program in October 2015 is one, which unknowing to me would change my life. Some of the highlights of my trip were; firstly; the Palestinian family whom accommodated me were inspirational and made me feel part of their family. Secondly, the trip was an emotional rollercoaster for me; so from being in situations where I felt scared and intimated (by soldiers and settlers) not just for myself but for our Palestinian friends to feeling completely uplifted and inspired at the strength, determination and hope that the Palestinian people still have despite the suffering which they have endured.

On returning from Palestine, I am unable to forget these people, the country and what I witnessed, it has motivated me to encourage other people in the UK to take a keen interest in the conflict, to take a stand against oppression and act in the name of compassion for the people of Palestine. I will be returning to Palestine again for the Olive Picking programme, this time with 14 people from my City, all who also want to make a difference for the people of Palestine".