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Reflections - Planting Program Participant - Deborah Walton - UK

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Created: 20 July 2018

deborah ws2018I joined the Olive Tree Planting Program for the first time in February 2017 with a group from my Church and some other friends. It was a life-changing experience. We enjoyed wonderful Palestinian hospitality throughout our trip and were made very welcome. Our hosts were kind and generous and treated us like family.

Although I had read about the situation in Palestine, living along-side people and experiencing day-to-day life with them was an eye-opener. Nothing I had read prepared me for what I saw and experienced. I was deeply moved by the steadfastness of the people I met and their hopeful commitment to peace and justice.

Since returning home I have had the opportunity of speaking at different meetings and have been able to share my experience and encourage others to visit and find out more for themselves.


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