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Reflection from a Planting Program 2016 Participant - Katie O'Kelly - Ireland

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Created: 25 September 2017

ref katie2016"Before going on the JAI Campaign, I knew very little about olive trees. They are magnificent plants, with deep roots connecting them to the land, and can produce olives for thousands of years. Having planted many young olive saplings on the Campaign, it is easy to see how they have become such a strong symbol of Palestine. 

The JAI Campaign opened my eyes to what is happening in Palestine. Until you go and meet the people living under Occupation, experience the checkpoints and feel the earth under the olive sapling roots, you cannot comprehend what life is like for Palestinians. It is an uplifting, positive programme, which focuses on solidarity tree planting with local farmers as well as informative and gripping tours of the West Bank. I cannot recommend the Olive Tree Campaign highly enough. What I experienced and saw will stay with me for the rest of my life. And I will continue planting metaphorical saplings now that I have returned home. Because for me, the JAI Campaign was life-changing".


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