SCM–PYEM Norwegian-Palestinian Youth Camp – Palestine – 11-17 August 2014

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Based on ongoing partnership and relationship between the Palestinian Youth Ecumenical Movement (PYEM), supervised by the JAI, and the Students Christian Movement – Norway, the JAI has organized a camp in Palestine for members in both movements, from the 11th to the 17th of August 2014.

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The camp included guided tours and visits to the Church of Nativity, Bethlehem and Jerusalem old cities, wall-settlements-land confiscated around Bethlehem, Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem, Jericho old city and sites, Bili'n village and Ramallah. It also included presentations and discussions on the Kairos Palestine document, Kairos Palestine and youth role in Palestine, Kairos Palestine and the chosen people, Kairos and the land, Kairos and pilgrimage, Kairos and the loving creative resistance with a focus on the BDS campaign, popular resistance, Palestinian political prisoners and administrative detention in the Israeli jails and centers.

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Norwegian and Palestinian students and youth stayed together at the YMCA in Beit Sahour, did devotions and reflections together, prayed together, discussed issues and topics together, did physical work and service together at the YMCA garden, shared their social and cultural life, and strengthened their friendships.

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