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This program works for the information, education and mobilization of Palestinian youth and works with them for launching different campaigns and initiatives, using different tools, and executing different activities to raise awareness and become advocates for Just Peace.

JAI youth participated in movies competition and won awards

Category: Youth Just Peace
Created: 29 January 2021

29jan2021 uni1

A group of Palestinian youth, who were previously trained by the JAI and involved in its students' exchange programs, participated in short-movies competition, through the JAI in partnership with Hanshin University in Korea and Bethlehem University. The movies reflected their sociopolitical life and Israeli occupation impact on youth.

29jan2021 uni2

On Friday the 29th of January 2021, a session was conducted at Bethlehem University, where they all attended, presented their movies, online with representatives from Hanshin University. And the winning places were announced. Three of the JAI youth got some ranks, namely: Sofie Ayaseh got the first rank, called the Peace Award, then Razan Qaraqe the third, called Human Rights Award, and Joyce Hijazin got the forth place.

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