JAI participant at a Global Youth Partnership Seminar in Turkey – Nov. 2013

Category: Participation in International Youth Gatherings Created: 15 November 2013

16th, November 2013

Hadil Battrawi, a 17 years old JAI youth volunteer, has participated at the Norwegian Youth and Children Council' (LNU) Global Youth Partnership (GYP) seminar in Istanbul, Turkey, from the 11th to the 15th of November 2013, with 35 other participants from various countries.

LNU Hadil 1

The seminar was held at the Swedish Research Institute and aimed to create an arena where organizations with joint projects or who are in the start of a project in the region through the Middle East Grant could meet and exchange experiences. It was to strength international contact and co-operation between the participating children and youth organizations, and to strengthen the participants' ability to run joint projects. It included various keynote speeches, participatory activities and discussions, skills gaining exercises and activities, rich presentations with stories and examples, where the participants had the chance to actively exchange experiences and learn from each other.

LNU Hadil 3
The participants also talked about countries policies, the most effective ways to face specific kind of problems, and how they should deal with them by learning from each other' experiences.

Hadil presented Palestinian youth perspectives, challenges, life under occupation, as well as the JAI advocacy work and campaigns towards peace with justice. She created new friends from various countries and youth organizations, whom she will keep in communication with and share further news and experience together.

LNU Hadil 2