The JAI participated at the Wonderful Days Festival in Denmark

wd2016 1Two Palestinians trained and oriented girls, together with the JAI youth coordinator, have participated at the Wonderful Days Festival, organized by the YMCA-YWCA in Denmark, from the 3rd to the 10th of July 2016.

Around 1,000 Danish and international YMCA-YWCA teenagers and youth leaders have participated. The two girls have participated in the festival various activities and got to meet, talk and share their stories and life under occupation with youth leaders. The wd2016 2Palestinian participants have organized two sessions, one where they talked about life under occupation in Palestine and the Olive Tree Campaign, and the girls have expressed their own difficulties. The second one was on the Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions (BDS) Campaign on the international level and a main campaign and mechanism to put pressure on Israel to force it to end its occupation and comply with international law.