Participation in International Youth Gatherings

The JAI coordinates and facilitates the participation of JAI, YMCA, YWCA youth in international youth events and gatherings worldwide, to communicate Palestine and life under occupation from youth perspective, promote and encourage people to take actions and join the JAI advocacy work and campaigns. 

JAI youth participant at Global Week and TT Festival 2014 - Norway

Carmel Salamah, a JAI volunteer has participated at the Global Week and Ten Sing Teenagers (TT) festival organized by the YMCA-YWCA in Norway, between the 19th and 29th of June 2014.

Carmel2014 1

Carmel2014 2More than 2000 Norwegian teenagers and youth have joined the TT Festival and tens of internationals have joined the Global Week, under the theme "Stop Poverty". Carmel participated in the various activities and games, and volunteered at the Global Café. She also participated in various seminars, discussions, workshops, debates, where she shared her stories, experiences and how life is in Palestine under occupation, and the difficulties Palestinian youth, including her, go though on almost daily basis. Many people were very interested to hear about Palestine, and asked lots of questions.

On the personal level, Carmel had the chance to meet and create friendships with other youth leaders from various YMCA-YWCA movements in the world, enhanced her global citizen understanding and ability to be a change agent on the local and international levels.


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