JAI sends two trained-students with staff to partner Danish Efterskole, 3-10 Nov 2016

Category: Students Exchange Programs Created: 11 November 2016

MSE Nov2016 1Two JAI-trained female students, from the Girl Public School at the village of Dar-Salah east of Beit Sahour, accompanied by the JAI' Olive Tree Campaign officer, have visited the JAI partner Midtsjællands Efterskole (MSE) in Denmark, between the 3rd and 10th of November 2016.

They met the students and teachers, interacted with them, chatted and communicated their life under occupation, with the JAI work and Olive Tree Campaign, with them. This was with a focus on the Global Citizenship class who will be visiting Palestine and their school in March 2017. They gave presentations to various students at MSE and outside.

MSE Nov2016 2One of the girls, Rinad AlSalah, reflected about her experience and trip: "We introduced ourselves, got to meet, chatted and played with the Danish students. We communicated and presented our life under occupation in Palestine to various students' groups/classes at the MSE school and another neighboring public school, who in turn asked various question and we felt how influenced they were. At MSE, we cooked a Palestinian meal for the students, who liked it so much. We were hosted in a very nice we by Danish family (one of the MSE students' family), made lunch together at their home, played and went out together, and I shared my life under occupation in Palestine with them, who got so much moved".

MSE Nov2016 3The other girl, Aysha Salamah, reflected that "our trip had a purpose to communicate Palestine and the Israeli occupation. I got prepared and oriented very well and hard to do so. We did three presentations at MSE and a forth one at another public school around. When I was hosted by a Danish family, and they asked me to talk about my life in Palestine, I talked about the various aspect of our life with the wall-settlements, Palestinian refugees, and Israeli settlers' attacks, for three hours where the father started crying! I did not expect they would be so much interested n hearing me, and how the impact of this on them, which made me feel very satisfied".