43 students & leaders from partner Danish school week trip to Palestine with the JAI

Category: Students Exchange Programs Created: 25 March 2017

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The JAI has hosted and organized a trip to Palestine for 38 students and 5 teachers/leaders of its partner Danish Nørre Nissum Efterskole (NNE)' Global Teenagers class, from the 17th to the 25th of March 2017, in cooperation with DanChurch Aid (DCA).

NNE March2017 1t

NNE March2017 3tTheir trip included meeting with Palestinian students, ice-breaking games with them in groups, chatting, groups discussions, visits and dinners with their families, planting olive trees together at a threatened field in Jabaa' village, south-west of the Bethlehem area.

It also included guided tours in Bethlehem area to witness the wall-settlements-bypass roads, in Hebron area to see the closures-settlements-divided and closed streets in the old city, in Jerusalem old city.

A half day visit was organized to Wad Foukin village, south-west of the Bethlehem area, at which they met people from the YMCA Woman Training Program (WTP) team who have implemented and are implementing various projected, many of which are supported by DCA. At the village also, they visited two public schools that are subjected to settlers' harassment, and the headmasters explained about the conditions of the schools and threats they face. A visit was also made to the village Rural Women Development Organization, and got introduced to their work.

NNE March2017 2tAt Dhaisha camp, they visited Ibdaa Cultural Center, from which the JAI trained Palestinian teenagers in summer 2016, two of which visited NNE in November-December 2016. At the camp, they got introduced to the refugee life and had guided tours inside the camp in groups with the Palestinian teenagers.

An advocacy session was organized by DCA in Jerusalem for future work and involvement of students in activities, actions and campaigns related to the Palestinian issue. The JAI has also organized a session, of discussion together with it Palestinian students, on the Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions (BDS) Campaign, to introduce the students further to it impact and mechanism.