Olive Tree Campaign's Sponsor's reflection/story - Marthe - Netherlands

Category: Campaign Sponsors' Reflections Created: 14 October 2020

marthe2020A few months before my trip to Palestine, I attended a meeting of the Dutch Olive Tree Campaign. I was immediately moved by the message of this campaign. It may seem like a small thing, just an olive tree, but it has tremendous impact. I sponsor olive trees for the campaign. It is a powerful and peaceful way to help the Palestinian farmers, whose lives and lands are threatened by the Israeli military occupation.

During my stay in the summer of 2018, I faced the daily struggles of the life of Palestinians under the occupation. I visited Palestinian farmers who suffer under the unjust Israeli policies.
With my volunteer work for the Olive Tree Campaign I want to show solidarity whilst at the same time raising awareness about the situation in Palestine. By sharing the stories of Palestinians and spreading a message of hope, I want to encourage others to get involved and sponsor olive trees.