PYEM members visit to the SCM Norway - September 2014

Category: Palestinian Youth Ecumenical Movement (PYEM) Created: 25 September 2014

PYEM Sep2014 1The recent visit of 4 PYEM (Palestinian Youth Ecumenical Movement) members to Norway, between the 18th and 25th of September 2014, was an eye opening, productive and informative as it helped us to convey our message about the situation in Palestine and it introduced us to different culture.

The Members had the opportunity to present the Kairos document, the BDS Campaign, Palestinians' daily life and other topics that are related to life under occupation. Also, group discussions and presentations about various topics related to Christianity, youth and social problems were organized by Norwegians.

PYEM Sep2014 2In the last 3 days the members moved to Trondheim city where many activities were organized such as visiting the Cathedral and museum and meeting Norwegian youth from different denominations and discussing religious issues. The most important event was meeting people who support Israel and having the opportunity to discuss with them the situation in Palestine and Kairos document.