Sponsor' reflection: Yousef - the Netherlands

Category: Campaign Sponsors' Reflections Created: 20 August 2015

yousef august2015I was in Palestine one year ago when was touched by the way Palestinians live under occupation and fight for life, and how they survive and treat their olive trees. It is not just a tree as it is to me, but a symbol of life, resistance, and hope for future.

When I heard about the campaign and specially the slogan: Keep Hope Alive, I said: "I must do that to try to Keep Hope Alive", and to me it was more than a donation. I wanted to say: "You are not walking alone even if many countries turned their back to you". I also make my donation so that Palestinian youth can see the trees grow and hit deep in the soil and keep that hope alive.

It is a great idea to know that on the other side of the world there are olive trees carrying my name and the names of many friends of mine. My dream is that I will one day come to pick olives from those trees. To me hope never dies!