JAI Manager ends a 10- day visit to Sweden

Category: Advocacy Trips Created: 12 July 2017

Based on an invitation from Kairos Palestine/ Sweden and the Church of Sweden, Nidal Abuzuluf the JAI Manager visited Sweden form the 2nd to the 11th of July to give presentations on the Palestinian context and JAI campaigns and meet with partners.

nidal sweden july2017 1

nidal sweden july2017 2Nidal participated in Almedalsveckan, the Swedish Political Festival organized in Visby, Gotland. He gave presentations in two workshops on the Palestinian Situation and the Way Out using nonviolence and the other on Hope connected with Planting of Olive Trees in Palestine. In the workshops there were other prominent speakers; Annika Söder, State Secretary of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Anna Karin Hammar the Head of Kairos Palestine/Sweden, Gideon Levy the Israeli Journalist/Haaretz and Catrin Ormestad Swedish Journalist and author, in addition to Pierre Schori, the Moderator of Olof Palme Memorial Fund and the Swedish ex Ambassador to the UN.

Nidal was also interviewed by a Christian Magazine and attended a reception organized by the Archbishop Antje Jackelén (Archbishop of the Church of Sweden) and met the Head and the Middle East staff of the international nidal sweden july2017 3Department of the Church of Sweden and discussed futures cooperation. He also had the opportunity to meet Hala Fariz the Palestinian Ambassador and the Moroccan Ambassador to Stockholm as well as Annika Söder the State Secretary of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Nidal also had fruitful meetings and discussions with Jana Frolén YMCA/YMCA International Secretary of Palestine and with the President and a member of the YMCA/YWCA National Board. He also met with the president of the Palestine Committee in Sweden and visited and met with staff and volunteers from Bromma YMCA and the YMCA Goteborg, where he gave presentations of the Palestinian Context and on the JAI activities and campaigns.
During the visit Nidal had the opportunity to meet the president of Ljungskile Folkhögskola and discussed the possibility to have an exchange program similar to the Norwegian and Danish ones.