Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum (PIEF)

PIEF LogoThe Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum (PIEF) is an international, inter-church platform that rallies churches together enabling them to coordinate their advocacy efforts and initiatives for a just peace in Palestine-Israel.

The aim is to bring an end to the illegal occupation of Palestine in accordance with UN resolutions, and demonstrate commitment for inter-religious action for peace and justice that serves all the peoples of the region. The PIEF believes that non-violence and rigorous dialogue between people, regardless of religious affiliation, are the pillars around which peace, justice, and reconciliation can originate in the region.

JAI involvement

The JAI participated at the PIEF international gathering in Bethlehem for three days in December 2009. At the gathering the KAIROS Palestine Document was launched. The three-day workshop was attended by 80 representatives of churches and Church-Related Organizations (CROs) from all over the globe who shared their commitments to act in compliance with the new PIEF strategy based on the KAIROS Palestine Document.

In June 2009 the JAI participated in a 3-day workshop for PIEF Core Group that aimed at developing the PIEF strategy for the coming three years. The Strategy has a focus on the Israeli settlements and the need to take lobbying and advocacy measures to influence the Israeli settlement policy. The working groups of the PIEF also recommended supporting the JAI Olive Tree Campaign.