Palestinian Land Day - Call for Actions

Category: Calls & Statements Created: 29 March 2020

LandDay March2020In 1976, and in response to the Israeli government's plan to expropriate thousands of acres of Palestinian Land in Israel for state purposes, a general strike and marches were organized in Palestinian towns from the Galilee to the Negev. In the ensuing confrontations with the Israeli army and police, six unarmed Arab citizens were killed, about one hundred were wounded, and hundreds were arrested.

In March 30th every year, the Palestinian People commemorate this land day while the Israeli target to Palestinian land has never stopped, including confiscations, building colonies, the apartheid wall, bypass roads for the use of Israeli settlers, and for what is so called security reasons. Lately, and even under this Corona-virus pandemic, Israeli colonial army and settlers used this as an opportunity to continue their measure against the Palestinian Land. They got the advantage of the lock-down in Palestine and farmers being away from their fields to uproot thousands of trees, and seize more land, mainly in the areas of Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Nablus and Ramallah.

The Israeli PM Netanyahu and his counterpart Gantz have clearly declared a plan to annex the Jordan valley and the settlement blocks as part of their election Campaigns and this in what the situation on the ground is now. Huge plan of building colonies (settlement) units in zone E1 between east Jerusalem and 'Maale Adumim' colony (E1 plan), is ongoing. This will disconnect the Palestinian territory south from the north. The process of annexation and building illegal colonies is on its way to be a reality soon, in the absence of a real deterrence from the world community.

As we commemorate the Palestinian Land Day the 30th of March, with deep commitment to resist oppression and free our land to live in just peace, we call on our partners, friends, and justice and freedom activists worldwide, to:

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We Thank You for Keeping Hope Alive in Palestine and contribution to Peace with Justice