Trip to Palestine for 50 Danish students and leaders from two partner Efterskoles

Category: Students Exchange Programs Created: 06 March 2020

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mse de2020 1 t2From the 27th of February to the 5th of March 2020, 42 students + 8 leaders from two partner Danish schools, Dronninglund Efterskole (DE) and Midtsjællands Efterskole (MSE), ended their program in Palestine with the JAI.

Their program included interactions with the JAI-trained students, who come from various areas in Palestine, namely the Shepherds School in Beit Sahour, Lajee Center in Aida Refugee Camp, and Al-Khader Girls Public School. They had ice-breaking games and exercises, toured around the Beit Sahour town, planted olive trees together, sponsored by both Danish schools last year, at a threatened Palestinian field in Al-Khader village agricultural land, surrounded by Israeli colonies (settlements). When the Danish group visited Aida Camp, the Lajee Center teenagers welcomed them, played oriental music for, told them about life in the camp and showed them around in sub-groups.

mse de2020 1 t1The Danish students visited and had dinner with the Palestinian students' families for one of the days' afternoon and evening. In one morning, the Danish groups visited Al-Khader Girls Public School, from which two girls have visited Dronninglund Efterskole in December 2019. At the school, the Danish students and teachers were welcomed by the Palestinian school' headmaster, teachers and students, then briefed about the school by some students, and the Danish students presented to the school girls about Denmark and their Efterskoles. They were then all divided in mixed sub-groups, where they chatted and played together, before they visited St. George (Al-Khader) Church and Monastery, then had guided tours with the Palestinian girls within the school classes and facilities in sub-groups.

mse de2020 1 t3The Danish group had guided tours with the JAI, where they witnessed the Israeli wall-settlements-bypass roads-land confiscation, the Church of Nativity, and the YMCA Shepherds Grotto in the Bethlehem area, and checkpoints-settlements-closed streets and inside the Ibrahimi Mosque (Tombs of the Patriarchs) in Hebron old city. They were also briefed about the JAI work, the Olive Tree Campaign, DanChurch Aid work in Palestine, and watched a Palestinian Folklore Dance (Dabka) show.