Ongoing Palestinian students training program

Category: Students Exchange Programs Created: 29 July 2021

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The JAI started its new period of teenagers / students training program during the summer, with the participation of 37 students, from Al-Khader Girls Secondary School, Ibda'a Cultural Center in Dhaisha refugee camp, and the Evangelical Lutheran School in Beit Sahour. With this training program the students would get prepared to communicate and advocate for the Palestinian cause, and take part in upcoming students' international exchange programs with the JAI.

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Ice-breaking activities and games were held on the first session on Friday the 25th of June, together with introductions to the training program and the JAI. The second session was conducted on Monday the 5th of July, and introduced the students to the concept and mechanisms of advocacy and campaigning, through sub-groups discussions and presentations by the students, with short movie screening and presentation on the JAI advocacy work at the end. The third session on the 12th of July as groups discussions on the Israeli measures (apartheid wall, colonies, water control) in the students' respective residential areas, and their affects on the students daily life, families, schools, village / camp / town, and their movement' restrictions. Then the forth sessions was on the 27th of July as two-groups tours in Al-Khader village, with students from the village gave prepared-information and guided the rest of the students around and inside the village. Then a tour was conducted by the students and JAI staff inside Dhaisha refugee camp.

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