Palestinian Youth Ecumenical Movement (PYEM)

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PYEM is a voluntary gathering of Palestinian Christian youth, working under the umbrella of the YMCA-YWCA Joint Advocacy Initiative, and does not substitute or compete with any of the Christian youth organizations/groups working in Palestine.
The gathering works, primarily, on fulfilling the Christian vision and activating the Palestinian Christian community' national role in the Palestinian society and cause, towards achieving peace with justice and building a democratic pluralistic society, dominated by the principles of social justice and the respect human rights and dignity.


Working with the Christian youths, and the various Christian youth groups, to unite visions, enhance ecumenism, and support the religious, social, and cultural local programs, based on the general Christian, humanitarian, and national principles, to develop the Palestinian Christian' national role in serving the Church, the homeland and human being.


Activating and strengthening the role of Palestinian Christian youth in the service of man kind, the Church, the society, and the Palestinian cause.


  • Strengthen the ecumenical spirit among young people.
  • Active participation in the dissemination of the Kairos document locally and internationally.
  • Strengthen the relationship with the regional and global Christian youth groups.
  • Strengthen the Palestinian Christian' national role, through commitment to the Christian teachings, Palestinian cause and identity.
  • Promote the principles of equality, democracy, citizenship, and the rule of law.
  • Support the Palestinian Christians steadfastness, and fight migration.
  • Cooperation and coordination with the spiritual and secular Palestinian Christian leadership with regard to strengthening the Christian role.
  • Activation of the Palestinian Christian youth participation in regional and international gatherings and advocacy programs that aims at the realization of peace with justice in the region.
  • Strengthen the youth leadership skills.

Main Activities

  • Sessions and meetings introducing and promoting ecumenism within the Palestinian Christian youth organizations/groups.
  • Awareness-raising activities for the dissemination of the Kairos document.
  • Participate in regional and global seminars and conferences on human rights principles, ecumenical work and advocacy.
  • Organization of training courses in the principles of democracy and citizenship.
  • Youth leadership' skills courses and sessions.
  • Exchange visits with various Palestinian youth groups.

Palestine Youth Ecumenical Movement - Statement and Call to Action

"And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." (Micah 6: 8)

wscf may2020

The Palestine Youth Ecumenical Movement views with deep concerns the Israeli unilateral plan to annex parts of the West Bank as declared by the Israeli coalition government starting July 1st.

The new Israeli coalition government - formed by right-wing parties - will allow Benjamin Netanyahu to proceed with annexing most of Israeli settlements and other parts of the West Bank including the Jordan Valley in violation of International Law. This act is seen as a recipe for more violence and building clear road to systematic oppression and discrimination in Mandate Palestine. It does end any hope for a political solution to the Palestinian oppression.

Thus, we at the Palestine Youth Ecumenical Movement reaffirm that:

  1. Such a unilateral step will have dire consequences and implications on the regional "stability" in addition to putting an end to any remaining hope for a two-state solution or peace in the Holy Land.
  2. This unilateral step disregards the UN and the International community and violates the international Law and UN resolutions related to Palestine.
  3. This step will put an official end to the proposed Two-State Solution to the conflict and consequently and end to the "Peace Process" that has been going on for over two decades to no avail.
  4. The implementation of this plan will enhance the apartheid, settler colonial system that is being developed in the Occupied Palestinian territory as well as inside Israel itself. Thus, this step is affecting the future and the stability of the whole region.

The Palestine Youth Ecumenical Movement, reaffirms the call of the WSCF Policy Paper on Palestine passed in the GA in March 2015 and emphasizes on the following:

  1. We call the world community to recognize the state of Palestine as an occupied country that has the full right to self-determination.
  2. In case Israeli goes of such a plan the world community is asked to imposed sanctions on Israeli so as to comply with International Law.
  3. We call to end the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and all forms of discrimination; as this occupation is a crime against God and humanity. Jerusalem must be an open and shared city for the two peoples and the three Abrahamic religions.
  4. The Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories - including East Jerusalem - are illegal under International Law and must be dismantled.
  5. We call to revisit theological positions that support certain unjust political options with regard to the Palestinians; theologies that legitimize the Israeli Occupation of the Palestinian land.
  6. The Wall illegally constructed by Israel in the Occupied Palestinian territories is a breach of international law and must be dismantled.
  7. Palestinians' right of self - determination must be respected, as should be the right of return.
  8. Maintaining just peace and a sustainable solution to the conflict is only achieved through peaceful means. Violence cannot be justified whether perpetrated by Israelis or Palestinians.
  9. We call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanction of the occupation, as a non - violent tool for justice, peace and security.
  10. We call churches and ecumenical organizations worldwide to visit the occupied Palestinian territory in accordance with Kairos Palestine call under "Come and See" and show solidarity with the Palestinians.
  11. We call upon the Regional and National WSCF and SCMs to educate their members on the conflict and be engaged in solidarity activities with the Palestinian people and with justice- building initiatives.
  12. We call the ecumenical movements and the civil society groups to use BDS against Israel as a legal, ethical and loving tool of resisting and oppression and violations of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian territory.