Participation in International Events

JAI staff participate in international gatherings and events, including the Would Social Forum, the Would Council of Churches General Assembly, the World Alliance of YMCAs council meetings, the World YWCA council meetings, and so on, to communicate Palestine, present the JAI work and campaigns, and encourage participants and organizations to take positions and actions towards ending occupation.

JAI manager present about OTC and Palestine with Korean partners

Category: Participation in International Events
Created: 29 July 2021

Nidal Korea August2021

On July 29th, the JAI Manager participated in a Zoom Webinar organized by Goyang YMCA / South Korea and gave a three presentations, on: the accomplishments of the Keep Hope Alive - Olive Tree Campaign (OTC) in 2020, the 20th anniversary of the Campaign, and on the Palestinian context and political situation.

The purpose of the session was to promote the OTC 20th anniversary among the YMCAs in Korea. The webinar was attended by 34 participants from the YMCAs in Korea, the Asia and Pacific alliance of the YMCAs (APAY) and the National Council of Churches in Korea - NCCK, in addition to academic initiations and peace activists.