Olive picking program

The Olive Picking Program is organized each fall for 10 days, in coordination with the Alternative Tourism Group (ATG).

This Olive Picking Program aims to provide assistance and a protective civil international presence for Palestinian families to help them overcome the restrictions imposed by the Israeli military occupation and settlers during the olive harvest season.

In addition to their picking activities the participants developed a social, cultural, political, historic and religious understanding of the region, witnessed life under occupation, and shared advocacy ideas and tools.

Olive Picking with Palestinian youth

Category: Olive picking program
Created: 23 October 2020

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An Olive Picking activity was organized by the JAI today, Friday the 23rd of October 2020, for its group of 25 students (from Beit Sahour, Dhaisha refugee camp and Al-Khader village) + members of the YMCA Beit Sahour youth group. The picking took place at the field of the Palestinian farmer Hamid Obeidallah, in the village of Wad Fukin, south-west of the Bethlehem area, surrounded by the Israeli colonies (settlements) of 'Betar Illit' and 'Tzur Hadasa', with their ongoing expansion within the village land.

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