Educate, lobby and advocate

Created: 03 December 2009

The Joint Advocacy Initiative invites you to help us Keep Hope Alive by donating or participating in our programs and activities, both locally and abroad. We depend on the involvement of everyone to help sustain the Palestinian community and work towards a Peace with Justice in the region.

How can you help?


  • Sponsor and encourage others to sponsor Olive Trees, through the Olive Tree Campaign - Keep Hope Alive, or organize an event to fund-raise for this campaign.

  • Adopt and spread the KAIROS Palestine document among your community, Church, partners and friends.

  • Initiate or join actions or resolutions concerning the BDS Campaign

  • Write letters to your elected members of Parliament or government officials and encourage them to revise the government position regarding Palestine and Israel, sponsor an olive tree, visit Palestine to witness the reality of the Occupation and to show solidarity.

  • Organize an eye-opening tour or program to Palestine, and/or participate and/or encourage others to participate in the JAI annual programs including the youth Journey for Justice Program, Olive Picking Program and Olive Planting Program.

  • Contact, communicate with and participate in activities with human rights organizations, Palestinian and solidarity groups in your country or area so as to unify efforts and create a local or national committee or movement that works for Palestine.

  • Organize or join a public demonstration, candlelight vigil ... etc. on the 29th of November, the International Solidarity Day with the Palestinian People, the Palestinian lans say on the 30th of March...etc.. Raise awareness of the Palestinian situation and pray for Peace with Justice in Palestine.

  • Establish an exchange or internship program with the JAI as a means to create committed advocates.