Sponsor A Tree

You can make direct sponsorship by money transfer (in large amounts only, while each tree' sponsorship is 20 USD), to the JAI account:

Account Name: The East Jerusalem YMCA
Name of Bank: Arab Bank PLC
Address: P.O. Box 537. Manager Str.
Place: Bethlehem
Country: Palestine
Account No. 719330/516 USD
Swift Code: ARABPS 22050
IBAN: PS91 ARAB 0000 0000 9050 7193 3051 6

You can also make sponsorship (in small and large amounts) through the Campaign partners in certain countries.

Please fill the following form for the details of your sponsorship and for receiving further and future details about your sponsored tree(s), field, farmer, and general updated on olive trees in Palestine and attacks on lands and farmers.

Interested in receiving further and future information,
to the sponsor E-mail, about the sponsored olive tree(s), field(s), farmer(s),
and general stories and attacks on olive trees, land and farmers in Palestine?
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