Youth Engagement

According to our vision of being open to society and responding to the social needs of different groups, we work hand in hand with young people in organizing various activities. Our work with youth is open to both genders and all religions and in various areas, to encourage the Palestinian youth to participate in social development, and promote the concepts of justice, peace, democracy and human rights.

This aims at enabling youth to share and exchange experiences on both local and international levels, increase the role of youth in activities locally and internationally, create young leaders, enhance the role of youth in society, spread the concepts of democracy, peace and justice among youth.

The JAI signs a MOA with Al-Najah University for students training

Category: Youth Engagement
Created: 25 May 2017

Najah 25May2017

On Thursday the 25th of May 2017, the JAI signed a students' training program' MOA with Al-Najah National University in Nablus. The University deputy principal welcomed the program and cooperation with the JAI, who believed will help educating their students on the concepts and international advocacy and solidarity tools and mechanisms.

In his turn, the University administration deputy principal welcomed the JAI representatives, and was pleased with the JAI concern in training the University students on Law and Political Science in International Law and Resolutions.

Training cources will be announced and encuraged by the University to its mostly 2nd and 3rd year students, for those interested to join. Two training cources will be annouced, one in Democratic Citizenship, and the other in Just Peace, to have 20 students in each. The trainings will be given by professional trainers through the JAI in the themes and skills of International Law and Resolutions, Advocacy and Campaigns' management.

Post the training, the students to be trained are expected and will be responsible for meeting and influencing decision makers in the Palestian community, who in turn are influencials on the international advocacy level.