Palestinian Youth Ecumenical movement at Amman WSCF Workshop – July 2012

2nd – 5th July 2012

20 members of the Youth Ecumenical Movement – Palestine, supervised and managed by the JAI, participated at a four- day training workshop in Amman organized by the World Student Christian Federation - Middle East and conducted by experts and trainers from the region.

PYEM Amman July2012

The training addressed subjects related to the ecumenical movement in the Arab word and the Palestinian Cause, Church commitments, the relation between the Christian beliefs and the land based on the Kairos Document, the meaning of leadership within the Christian community, and a future perspective of the Palestine Youth Ecumenical Movement. The participant also had the chance to visit Dibbin where they met Christian youth groups and visited a monastery.

At the end of the conference a 3-years action plan for the Youth Ecumenical Movement – Palestine – was set, which focus on: raising awareness on the real meaning of ecumenism, the inclusion of new members in the Palestine movement, the issuance of seasonal newsletter on the movement activities, and writing abut the movement in the various Churches' Sunday leaflets.