Occupied Palestine and Syrian Golan Heights Advocacy Initiative (OPGAI)

A coalition of civil society institutions of the Democratic Progressive identity in Palestine and the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, working on the effective contribution in the promotion and development advocacy, with the aim of ending the occupation and building a of progressive social democratic movement that can play an effective role in building a society where the values of equality, democracy and social justice.

Mission Statement

To enable, lobby, and organize the main social actors, unions, womens movements, student movements and Palestinian political groups, towards strengthening their role in the greater Palestinian social movement towards just political, social and economic conditions.


OPGAI vision is to have a plenary democratic social movement with the core values of justice, freedom, and equality among all; women and men, Jews and Arabs and all people in historic Palestine. OPGAI works diligently and cooperatively to effectively identify and address the root causes of conflict, as well as work to achieve self-determination of the Palestinian people in the occupied Palestinian territories, Israel and the Diaspora. As a prerequisite for achieving this vision OPGAI seeks to guarantee that the treatment of Palestinians is in accordance and compliance with international law and the inalienable rights granted to all human beings.


To work with individuals and groups of civil society both domestically and internationally, as well as strengthen the structure and role of existing active social movements in order to achieve a unified vision. The Defense Initiative on Occupied Palestine and Golan is working with currently active Palestinian organizations and their public constituencies that will enable the development of a new structure. This new structure will unify a popular and effective Palestinian social movement capable of playing an influential and central role in the process of tangible change. In order to achieve unity there must be justice, access to rights and services, and freedom on which peace and development in the region can be drafted. In addition, the Defense Initiative's programs are aimed at raising awareness of the root causes of conflict. Together OPGAI will work towards building an international force capable of influencing international standards and enforcing the application of the principles of human rights and dignity.

Member organizations