Farmer story: Kalthoum Mousa - Al-Khader Village - Bethlehem

Category: Campaign Farmers' Stories Created: 31 July 2014

Kalthoum wsKalthoum Mousa (Um Anas) is a 41 year old woman from Al-Khader Village. She is married and has 6 children. She used to own 10 dunums of land in Al-Khader village. Before the construction of the Israeli separation wall, this land was planted with many different kinds of fruit trees. After its construction, only 6 dunums of this land was left for Kalthoum and her family. The story of Kalthoum's suffering did not end there, however. In 2004, the Israeli army confiscated the rest of the land and they built a military base on it, including a watch tower, for the purpose of keeping an eye on the Palestinians in Al-Khader village. Building this military base caused huge damage to the land. All of the trees were destroyed, and the family was prevented from reaching their land.

In 2012, the Israeli army left the land, and the family could go back to it. They began the Reclamation process, beginning to cultivate the land, because it was once the main source of their livelihood. In February 2014, the Olive Tree Campaign supported Kalthoum and her family by planting 250 Olive trees on her land. 20 Palestinian and Norwegian students went together to the field in order to help Kalthoum and her husband by planting the olive trees for them.