The Olive Tree Campaign Coordinator in the Netherlands

Category: Advocacy Trips Created: 27 May 2014

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Neth2014 4This trip was the first experience of the Netherlands for the new Olive Tree Campaign coordinator, Muhanad Al-Qaisy. The aim of this trip was to work together with the Dutch Olive Tree Campaign in Holland, and tour with them in different cities across the country, in order to inform people about the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, and also to inform people about the work of the Olive Tree Campaign, and how the campaign works to Keep Hope Alive for Palestinians, especially the farmers in Palestine who are facing daily attacks and harassment from Israeli settlers under the protection of the solders and the Israeli government. 

Neth2014 3During the trip, lasted from the 14th to the 27th of May 2014, Muhanad and his Dutch colleague gave more than 17 different presentations for students in their schools, and also in churches, mosques and cultural centers. After each lecture they opened discussion and answered the questions of the audience. They also informed the people of how they could support and show solidarity with Palestinians through the campaign programs.

Neth2014 2One of the main events of this trip was a cycling tour around the city of Amsterdam. More than 25 people participated in the cycling tour to collect money for the Olive Tree Campaign. The tour started from the Central Station in Amsterdam, and the final destination was a hall on the other side of the city where the other participants involved were waiting for them. All the participants got Palestinian food like olive oil and zaatar, fresh from Palestine, and they also had falafel and a variety of other Palestinian foods. After the food, they celebrated their success to the music of the Amsterdam Street Orchestra, who played Palestinian songs. On this tour, they stopped in different places where they could talk to the ordinary citizens of Amsterdam on the streets, to tell them about Palestine and the reasons for this cycling event.

The Olive Tree Campaign coordinator was also invited to a book presentation. The book was written by Johan Feitsma, and is about Palestine and the Neth2014 5conditions that Palestinian farmers live in. The writer tried to tell us about Palestine, using stories and narratives from Palestine. After the writer spoke about his book, Muhanad thanked the writer for his commitment to the Palestinian people, and he also gave a lecture for the audience.

The tour was successful, and it achieved its goals. Many people learned about Palestine and life under the occupation through this visit, and many olive trees were sponsored, which has raised awareness of the situation in Palestine, enabling plans for future cooperation with a number of different organizations.