The Olive Tree Campaign coordinator speech tour to the Netherlands & Germany

Category: Advocacy Trips Created: 01 May 2015

Neth April2015 1The Olive Tree Campaign coordinator Muhanad Al-Qaisy has visited the Netherlands and Germany for a speech tour. The tour, which took place between the 14th and 30th of April 2015, was organized by the Dutch Olive Tree Campaign, and focussed on telling stories about  Palestinian farmers after publishing a booklet called (Farmer needs a tree). The booklet talks about the farmer's daily life under the Israeli occupation in the West Bank, and was written by two Dutch volunteers who interviewed some of the Olive Tree Campaign beneficiary farmers in Palestine.

Neth April2015 2The tour started at the Municipality of Utrecht where the Olive Tree Campaign's team met the assistance of the Mayor in order to give her a copy of the booklet as a gift, and to explain to her about the suffering of the Palestinian farmers and also about their Non-Violence resistance.

During the visit to the Netherlands, Muhanad and the Olive Tree Campaign's team organized an evening event in the YWCA of Utrecht for the friends of the Campaign in order to talk about the booklet and to update them about the Campaign in Palestine. In the rest of the tour, Muhanad gave lectures in some Universities, schools, Churches and Mosques.

Neth April2015 3During the Visit to Germany, Muhanad gave a lecture about the Olive Tree Campaign in the Cafe of Palestine in Freiburg city, and also he visited the Catholic University in Koln to meet the students and tell them about the general situation in Palestine and the work of the Campaign. The program in Germany included some visits to Churches and cultural centers also.

The interaction and the attendance of the people was very good in most of the lectures, the audience liked the idea of the Campaign and they got more information about the Palestinian cause and the Geopolitical situation in Palestine. More than 400 olive trees were sponsored during the tour by the people who attended to the lectures.