Youth Just Peace

This program works for the information, education and mobilization of Palestinian youth and works with them for launching different campaigns and initiatives, using different tools, and executing different activities to raise awareness and become advocates for Just Peace.

JAI trained 19 Palestinian youth on Advocacy, IHL and BDS

Category: Youth Just Peace
Created: 13 October 2018

Between the 11th and 13th of October 2018, the JAI arranged a training program for 19 Palestinian young females and males, political ex-detainees at the Israeli jails, from the areas of Jenin and Ramallah.

Training11 13Oct2018 3

Training11 13Oct2018 2The training included communication skills, advocacy mechanisms and the implementation of initiatives and campaigns, democratic citizenship and international humanitarians law, including the UN resolution 2250. A briefing on the history and current issues of the Palestinian cause were also introduced and related international law.

On another session, the participants were briefed about the Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions (BDS) Campaign, and its local and international work, role, and impacts.

At the end of the training, the participants discussed their plans to organize initiatives and campaigns, as to raise their voice towards decision makers, call for the fulfillment of their needs as youth and ex-detainees.


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