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This program works for the information, education and mobilization of Palestinian youth and works with them for launching different campaigns and initiatives, using different tools, and executing different activities to raise awareness and become advocates for Just Peace.

BDS session for around 60 scout youth in Beit Sahour

Category: Youth Just Peace
Created: 05 July 2019

On Friday the 5th of July 2019, a training session was conducted by the JAI to around 60 boys and girls, in the ages between 17 and 21, participants at the Beit Sahour Catholic Scout Group camp.

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The training, given by the JAI youth coordinator, tackled the issues of the history of boycotting Israel, the Beit Sahour boycott committee, the importance of boycotting Israel as a mean of non-violent resistance, types of boycott (economic, cultural, academic, sport ...etc.), the threat of normalization activities/programs and the importance of anti-normalization.

Several questions then asked by the participants were answered by the JAI coordinator, including initiatives they could do as teenagers and youth.

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