Youth Just Peace

This program works for the information, education and mobilization of Palestinian youth and works with them for launching different campaigns and initiatives, using different tools, and executing different activities to raise awareness and become advocates for Just Peace.

JAI train 8 youth in advocacy and BDS

Category: Youth Just Peace
Created: 02 July 2019

A full day training program was conducted for a group of 6 female and 2 male youth, in the ages between 17 to 25, from the areas of Bethlehem, Nablus, Jenin and Ramallah, in Palestine. The training included the JAI advocacy work and campaigning, the history of boycotting Israeli as a strategy in the Palestinian struggle against occupation, the BDS campaign and what it calls for, and the various campaigns that supports the BDS movement, as well as the danger or normalization and the importance of anti-normalization.


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