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International reflection: Iris Brito Stevens - USA

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Created: 20 August 2015

Iris august2015I have participated in the JAI Olive Tree Planting Program twice now. My purpose was to be of service and to learn as much as I could about what living under occupation means to the people of Palestine. It has been a most enlightening, meaningful and also deeply disheartening experience.

Most people in my own country do not understand the truth of what is happening because of our limited media perspective. I can speak now from my own experience in meeting Palestinians, working with them and hearing their stories, as well as those of many organizations, which are on the ground dealing with the conditions of the occupation. What I have learned with my own eyes and ears is something that cannot be denied. I also understand now that I have a responsibility to share what I know. Palestinians cannot do what is necessary alone. The international community must be involved and I will return again to be of service to olive tree farmers, to work in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and to help fight to end the Occupation.


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