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Picking participant reflection - Elena Policante - Switzerland

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Created: 21 January 2019

elena2019My name is Elena Policante, I am 24 years old from Switzerland. The first time I joined the Olive Picking Program was back in 2014. At that point I had already spent almost 2 months in Palestine as I was volunteering with the YMCA, the YWCA and the JAI. The second time I joined the program was in 2017. Both times I was volunteering during the program, I took pictures and lead two groups through Jerusalem (with a tour guide as well).

The program is a brilliant opportunity to explain to people from around the world the situation on the ground and bring the people closer to the Palestinian villagers. I met loads of interesting people throughout those two programs, both Palestinians and participants from around the world.
I would recommend the program to everyone, it is a great opportunity to learn something new and broaden the horizon.


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